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Spray Tan Information – All The Info You Need to Know

March 2nd, 2010 by GrantPasco71

Spray Tanning Information : Everything You need to know about Tans

Spray tanning is a sunless method of tanning that is growing in popularity across the globe. Spray tan information can be easily acquired from the web or from your local salon in the neighborhood. Spray tanning prevents one from the ill and harmful effects of the ultra violet rays of the sun. It is a safer way of tanning as compared to the traditional direct sun tanning method wherein the harmful rays of the sun penetrate the deepest layer of the skin called the stratum basale. Spray tan solutions only come into contact with the top layer of the skin called the stratum corneum.
Spray Tanning Information

Spray Tan Information:

Spray tan information is essential to learn more about its cost, convenience and safety. Spray tan costs are significantly lower than the costs of using tanning beds and tanning booths. In terms of safety, too the spray tanning method protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun’s ultra violet rays as this entails no exposure to sunlight or the fluorescent tubes of the tanning beds, which can cause skin cancer in the long run. Dermatologists also recommend this method as opposed to tanning beds. In terms of convenience, the spray tanning method gives us the ease of getting the same at a salon with follow up applications in the comfort of one’s own home.

Spray Tan Product Information:

The products used in spray tanning methods comprise lotions, airbrush equipment, sprays and foams. The lotions should be diluted with a regular lotion to avoid fading, dark patches and peeling. Sprays and foams work even better, spread more evenly, and give far superior results. Airbrush tanning is also growing in popularity and is offered in many spas and salons the world over.

Spray Tan Lotion Information

The lotions used in spray tan booths contain aloe vera and have a special SPF formula, which makes them safe to use causing no side effects to the skin. A tan obtained from spray tan technique lasts for almost a week and then can be maintained by using a tan extending lotion. Application of a good moisturizer is a must after a spray tanning session, which keeps the skin hydrated and adds that extra glow to the body. Some of the spray tan solutions contain the extract from sugar cane called Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which takes a little longer than the bronzer does to give the tan effect. FDA has approved of DHA as a safe cosmetic application. DHA is a preferred solution by most tanning salons and spas.

Consulting a good dermatologist before investing in spray tanning is necessary. The skin specialist can recommend the right sunless tanning method depending on one’s skin type. For example, people with dry skin must not go in for spray tanning.

Spray tanning is an easy and safe way to achieve the dream tan without having to risk or sacrifice one’s health with the help of spray tan information. The spray tanning machines come with airbrush kits, aerosol spray cans and mist spray-tanning machines. So choose the method that suits you best and enjoy that bronze look.

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