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My Everyday Makeup Routine – Makeup Video

February 3rd, 2012 by admin

My Each day Makeup Routine

Hey guys!! So I eventually did a every day makeup routine! I got very a few requests for this so enjoy lovely’s! Also, do not overlook to ask for yet another appear for me. I am still extremely new to makeup tutorials, so if you have a tip for me, let me know! xx Merchandise Foundation: Stila Powder: The Balm translucent powder Bronzer: Mac Blush: The Balm Cabana boy Eyeliner: Ulta pencil & As well Faced Evening palette Eyeshadow: Urban Decay Naked2 Palette Eyebrows: Also faced neutral palette & ulta gel Mascara: Urban Decay Lips: Lipliner Sephora Rosey, Lancome lipgloss Adhere to me! Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com SUBSCRIBE to THEMOMSVIEW www.youtube.com SUBSCRIBE to CARLIESTYLEZ www.youtube.com SUBSCRIBE to KATILETTE www.youtube.com SUBSCRIBE to HEYKAYLI www.youtube.com SUBSCRIBE to MIYA www.youtube.com — Each day Makeup, day-to-day, makeup, schedule, cosmetics, how-to, video, new, set, women, hair, foundation, powder, finish, eyes, nose, blemish, neck line, bronzer, face, blush, daytime, bone, eyebrows, angle brush, eyebrow gel, primer, eye shadow, Urban Decay, snake bite, eye liner, pencil, mascara, lips, lip liner, lip gloss, silly, highlighting, imperfections, help, suggest, look, day, night, mom, mother, BellaMishella, Michelle
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14 Responses to “My Everyday Makeup Routine – Makeup Video”

  1. melissatrasvina Says:

    its so funny how many times you said a little bit :)

  2. Kealy12 Says:

    netral makeup for eyes or smoky brown eye look

  3. FatimaKare Says:

    oh my gosh…. does that mean im not the only one in the world who highlights my sexy mole?
    you rock!

  4. mizzDeva Says:

    Could you talk about your set up? I really like your background :)

  5. armywandkids5 Says:

    do a valentines look with an outfit to match plz

  6. girlygirl2427 Says:

    howd u get ur teeth so white?

  7. ingridlove03 Says:

    when are you going to do another moms view? :) <3 

  8. TheDEBBSTER13 Says:

    I love the fact you darken your little marks. I do the same! I think it gives more add character. :]

  9. mkaymkay012 Says:

    you look so much like kourtney kardashian!

  10. cupcakesanddiamonds Says:

    can you do a prom look.

  11. MissBigMack Says:

    youre beautiful<3

  12. FinallyFriday4 Says:

    it’s a gr8 vid, thanks a lot but it would be even better and more helpful if you could tell us the names of the products you’re using! :)

  13. SaliZhang Says:

    bubbi brushes ;)

  14. TheTeresa24 Says:

    you are really beautiful!

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