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Make-up Transformation : Me as Kim kardashian !!! – Makeup Video

June 10th, 2011 by admin

Make-up Transformation : Me as Kim kardashian !!!

Kim Kardashian has the most gorgeous Make-up Looks .This is more of her Smokey greyish Eyeshadow search.This would be a extremely Enjoyable night Search for you girls. Sorry the eye Make-up didn’t come out quite as great as the last video because one of my eye folds was smaller then the other right now ‘You monolids know what i am talking about ! Thanks for waiting patiently for my videos .I adore you all and can’t wait for you to try it out :D
Video Rating: 4 / five

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19 Responses to “Make-up Transformation : Me as Kim kardashian !!! – Makeup Video”

  1. MyCornyness Says:


  2. hannakristine9796 Says:

    You should do a brittney spears look a like video(: that would be so cool and fun!!! XD

  3. rubbaducky Says:

    so pretty!

  4. TheMike884 Says:

    that is your look and you look very very VERY pretty in it =*

  5. nicoleselena5 Says:

    can you please do of selena gomez

  6. brittneybeillin Says:

    holy crap those lashes are freaking HUGE.
    id never wear them, sorry. but nice look. id never make this work, but im glad u can :D

  7. brittneybeillin Says:

    @hellokwitty that was mean!!

  8. MommaC929 Says:

    Ok, this is about the 4th video I’ve watched by Promise… I’m getting super annoyed with all the negative feedback she gets. I gotta tell you, WHATEVER she’s doing, she’s looking like everyone shes setting out to resemble, whether she uses too much, too little, whatever… shes accomplishing her goals, being a make-up artist myself, I know thats all that matters in the end. Remember she’s using make-up not plastic surgery…

  9. hepburnhidayah Says:

    I think this is just a drag version of kim kardashian. its too heavy.

  10. prettylily011 Says:

    honestly, those eyelashes are way too harsh for u, and not really kim kardashian like. if u look at most of her photos or on tv, shes usually wearing quite wispy eyelashes, that are super curly!. those would look fab on u, but the rest of the make up is gorgeous! just lots of it haha

  11. twilightcatz Says:

    how do you make your nose look bigger??? cuz my nose is really small.

  12. twilightcatz Says:

    at 7:03 the thing on the bottom says Lamcome

  13. YAYALOKZ Says:

    I love it(:
    Some of you said she was wearing so much makeup but Kim wears a lot of makeup lol. Thanks for the tutorial Promise(:

  14. dorisimo21 Says:

    When shes contouring she says it looks natural sooo much but theres nothing natural about this.. l:

  15. MareeFebbraro2014 Says:

    why da ee shadow gotta be really black!!!!

  16. randomly0selected Says:

    awwwww she’s so cute

  17. pelizabeth96 Says:


  18. ghiamariel13 Says:

    chekah18, sama mo no? kamukha nya konye si Kim ah.. hndi nmn nya kamukha ni Charice.. hndi nmn ito mockery eh, tutorial lng ito, wag nmn mag h8.

  19. MissNeonToxicRainbow Says:


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