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Beauty Lab – 10 Best Green Beauty Products – Makeup Video

September 1st, 2011 by admin

Beauty Lab – ten Best Green Beauty Goods

Go natural and become much more eco-friendly with the top rated ten green beauty goods that will fulfill your makeup and skin wants.
Video Rating: 4 / five

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16 Responses to “Beauty Lab – 10 Best Green Beauty Products – Makeup Video”

  1. TatiSsj2 Says:

    Wut about olive oil? Dats so awesome too

  2. TatiSsj2 Says:

    Pause at 1:53 shot face

  3. xbatootx Says:

    Nothing is better than the Nut Oil :D

  4. ewmimsi Says:

    I wouldn’t use tea tree oil for spot-treatment. It burns and is way too aggressive!

  5. stephanievalderrama Says:

    @geppegep Right.I rarely complain about how someone looks & how annoying they look. I know what’s hot & truly hot. her body is toned alright but face wise is what im saying and what realy annoys me is her “FAKE” expression & the hand gestures. that really caught my attention. The people who talk on videos esp beauty tips must look good & be likable for people to wanna listen. I dunno but obviously i’m not alone here who finds her annoying. I compliment really pretty girls so i doubt its jealousy

  6. geppegep Says:

    @stephanievalderrama haha your just jealous that shes so hot, and ofc if you look closely no1 can smile all the time, but you never recognise it unless you study some1 and think about it

  7. elwoodamie2007 Says:

    Interesting to know, but she kinda annoys me a bit with smiling so much and all..

  8. stephanievalderrama Says:

    Her expressions are soo fake and her hand gestures are so unnatural & stiff. Check her smile its soo fake. Shes annoying. She looks old and filled with wrinkles but hides it with botox and those collagen injections. Who is she to talk about this anyway? Is she an expert? Shes just reading it. Typical blow dried hair, thick make up, Veneers, tanning bed without all that I bet she’ll look very old and very unattractive. I like beauty lab but this girl is soo fake in every sense of the word.

  9. eHow Says:

    @nokaoiw00t Great suggestion! Oatmeal baths are fantastic for dry skin or dry patches. A little messy to clean the tub after, but worth it! Thanks for posting!

  10. XxDinorawrusxX Says:


  11. sunnishine554 Says:

    full cream or skim milk???

  12. dbunny412 Says:

    i would love to get your oppinion on some of my things :) please check out my videos :) thanks

  13. Allthingsspicyable Says:

    These beauty labs are so cute !

  14. trudbol Says:

    @Franchifis Yeah, how come no one else noticed it? All this pseudo-science is just green business. It makes me sick they try to make it look scientific with a little make-up and happy faces. Makes me sick.

  15. trudbol Says:

    Lactose is NOT an enzyme! It’s a sugar: -OSE = sugar, like glucOSE or fructOSE.

    How hard is it to check up on such basic organic chemistry? You guys need to get your facts straight, this kind pseudo-science is embarrassing and pollutes people’s minds. It’s not because you’re pretty and happy-faced that what you say is true. 600,000 views on a video like this makes me sick.

  16. TheAvatarxpotter Says:

    Cleopatra used donkey’s milk, moron…

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