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Back to School Outfits & Makeup Ideas – Makeup Video

April 23rd, 2013 by admin

Back to College Outfits & Makeup Concepts

My Instagram: BrittanyBalyn My Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/brittkneegirl1 My Tumblr: http://brittanybalyn.tumblr.com/ Listing of Products: Laura Mercier Tin…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Back to School Outfits & Makeup Ideas – Makeup Video”

  1. fitrariesta Says:

    I’m so agree with Emily Hoang

  2. Emily Hoang Says:

    the first & third outfit <3

  3. looklikeGoddess Says:

    Hello, i invite to you to see my new video of grunge fashion! i hope you like it and enjoy it:) Xoxo, Diana.

  4. cherriesrule975 Says:

    Your eyes are so pretty! Are they contacts or your natural color?

  5. kimberly marcial Says:

    I like the third outfit

  6. khitannaskye1 Says:

    pretty sure it’s lamp :)

  7. Sarah Douglas Says:

    i am fascinated with your face

  8. BellaBlogger933 Says:

    Is that a pole in the back

  9. makeupbyellli Says:

    I just came across your videos because of GlamLifeGuru and im obsessed! I cant get over how gorgeous you are =)

  10. ima007ninja Says:

    Hey girls check out my amazing giveaway. I’m giving away lots of makeup products. There are onlya few entries so your chances of winning are high.

  11. Lisbet Kaiser Says:

    Where did you get those trousers from guuurrrrll!?

  12. kristen basham Says:

    you are so pretty

  13. HeeeyItsMckenna Says:

    i think you’re an aritzia type of person LOOL

  14. loversigh Says:

    “this is what I would wear on the first day…just so people knew that I was weird” I hear you lady <3

  15. Rose Garcia Says:

    hey everyone! id really appreciate it if you checked out my channel. thank you so much for your time. xo!

  16. Emma West Says:

    “You’re not going to scare off your teachers just yet.”

  17. hcutie1797 Says:

    i like the 2nd one!!!!!

  18. Sarah Herbert Says:

    are you saying wildfox is cheap?!

  19. iAleMartinez Says:

    Wildfox is so damn expensive

  20. Rose Garcia Says:

    hey everyone stop by and check out my channel just uploaded a new video. i’d really appreciate it thanks xo!

  21. ShadeGirl123 Says:

    …Yeah, that comment doesn’t make any sense on a video such as this one. NOSES ARE NOSES. You must have mental problems with the addition of a low IQ to say such an odd thing. It’s just so odd, I can’t take it. ROFL, who says that?? I don’t get it at all. You must have many insecurities along with the freaks who liked your comment. Freaks these days. -_-

  22. Monsterofrock1234 Says:

    How old are you?

  23. vsvoltage Says:

    You look like Krysten Ritter <3 Oh my Lord, I am so jealous.

  24. JayyRey14 Says:

    wait, is your hair silver?!

  25. Anslie Brant Says:


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