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Makeup Tips from a Drag Queen!

May 27th, 2009 by Veronica

Makeup Tips from a Drag Queen!



Look like a true diva with these fun and fabulous tips from Toronto’s leading Drag Queen – Miss Conception!

Toronto’s Miss Conception, shares how to look beautiful even if you have “manly features or no breasts”! LOL

White powder
Miss Conception applies white powder under her eyes before she starts with the heavy-duty makeup. She uses the White Powder by Ben Nye, but you can use other white powders to achieve the same effect. The powder will be brushed off after she applies the rest of her makeup and this will prevent her from making makeup mistakes.

After the white powder, Miss Conception applies contour to the cheek. She uses a brush to apply bronzer (you can use blush) to her cheekbones while making a “sour face.” Then, to add to the effect, she uses contour under the chin to strengthen her jaw line. This makes the neck appear thinner. She uses black powder on her cheeks over the blusher. We don’t recommend this one, unless, of course, you’ll be on stage.

Don’t forget to contour your breasts if you want them to look better. A little bronzer on the outline of your cleavage does wonders. Contour your nose by defining with bronzer and/or highlighter. Bronzer on the sides makes your nose look thinner.

Always, always use white highlighter (crème or powder) under the eyebrows. It gives your face a bit of a lift and it makes your eyes pop. Anabelle purple shimmer under the eyebrow looks white when you put it on and adds drama if you’re going out for an event. Also, go over your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil but always use a lighter colour than your hair (people often go too dark on the eyebrows).

When applying eyeliner, gently pull back the skin around your eyes and apply. We don’t recommend applying liner directly to the inside of your eye, but Miss Conception does it. “Yeah, doing cartwheels onstage in heels probably isn’t good for you either,” she says, “but that’s show business.”

Fake eyelashes are a “must.” Make sure you fit the eyelashes to your eyes, snipping off the excess lash with scissors. Apply the eyelash adhesive on the eyelash and let it set for a few minutes until it’s tacky. Apply over your eyelashes and use mascara. This will make your eyes pop incredibly. “Every celebrity wears fake eyelashes,” Miss Conception says.

Remember to wash brushes regularly. Miss Conception washes hers once a month, but lots of people wash them after every application. Keep a rag on your lap to wipe off brushes while you’re using them.

Makeup mistakes can be fixed with a sponge and a panstick, which covers the makeup when it can’t be washed off. Getting black off is the most difficult, so be extra careful when applying eyeliner. Use a clean makeup brush to get excess powder off the face.


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