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Beauty Pageant Makeup Tips

July 19th, 2009 by Veronica

Beauty Pageant Queen Makeup Tips, How to look your best, even if your not a contestant!


You may not be entering a contest to win a Beauty Pageant, but nothing is wrong with looking like a beauty queen. Here’s how you can look like one with just some a few tips!

Some of us admire how perfect being a beauty queen looks.. with these tips below, you’ll be looking like a true contestant in no time!

SKIN: Having flawless skin is a must.. be sure to exfloliate and have smooth glowing skin. The best way to achieve this look is to begin with an amazing exfoliator. Try St. Ives Apricot scrub. It’s affordable and leaves you skin feeling softer without being to harsh; perfect if you have very sensitive skin!

FACE: Radiant skin is a MUST! You want to make sure that your complexion looks perfectly flawless and even. A lot of beauty queens go for slight tanning, believe it or not tanning can help your complexion seem to be even (more so than if you don’t usually opt for tanning) but i can’t state this enough, EVEN SKIN TONE, EVEN SKIN TONE AND SOME MORE EVEN SKIN TONE! Depending on your needs, you might gear towards different types of foundation. For example, if you have heavy scaring and/or an acne problem opt for a more thicker based foundation product and pick up an excellent foundation brush. I recommend using the MAC #187 foundation brush; this leaves you with an airbrush look. Since it is a beauty pageant, you don’t want to seem over done or have your make-up look to noticeable

Eyes: It is CRUCIAL to use concealer ladies! it makes all the difference in the world. Bobbi Browns concealer kit is a little expensive but it works WONDERS! alot of make-up artists actually praise this product, even me.. i could not leave home with out this on! Another great tip for your eyes is to line the inner rim with either white or icy pink inside the inner rim. This gives you that wide awake, refreshed look – so even if you haven’t been getting sleep; you’ll still look INSTANTLY amazing. Also, Try Smudging your eyeliner.. this will give a natural look and the harsh line of a liner will not be present will be looked seductively blended!

Puerto Rico Pageant Pranks

Cheeks: Two words; Illuminating Bronzer. This creates that beautiful glow and you can actually contour your cheekbones at the same time!

Lips: Try lip colors in something soft and not to bright. Stay away from Reds, Purples and Dark Browns.. instead try light pinks, nudes and taupe.. don’t forget to glaze or the lips with a clear with a small hint of shimmer lip gloss

  • Don’t forget always show more emphasis on what your best physical feature is. This can be your eyes, lips and cheekbone structure!

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